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Micro credit - NGO Madagascar

Kickoff date : end of 2013

Location : Antsirabé

Funding : Private donors


A first microcredit experiment was conducted successfully at the end of 2013 with a dozen mothers (all loans were fully paid back). These loans serve for the time being the purpose of starting small sales activities : sale of charcoal, sale of noodles etc.

What we're achieving in 2014

Our aim is to now design a microcredit support system that allows the most destitute families to durably break the vicious circle of marginalisation. The microcredit loans targeted at single parents living in great desperation should allow them to achieve sufficient financial self-reliance in order to pull themselves out of poverty and undernourishment. A social follow-up must be undertaken to ensure a long-lasting improvement of these families’ situations.
We plan to implement the following actions to achieve this goal :

  • We will hire a person at the beginning of 2014, who will specifically be in charge of allocating the loans and of following-up financially and socially.
  • We will extend the microcredit to other purposes : cultural activities, stock farming, fish farming, the sale of fruit and vegetables, poultry, noodles, fish and the business of other small consumer goods. Around 40 loans will be granted in 2014.
  • We will develop links to other local microcredit organisations for needs requiring means that go beyond those ATF is able to put forward.


Zazakely is an association located in the very poor district of Mahazina in Antsirabé. It

Ketsa – Espoir pour un enfant

In the surroundings of Antananarivo, the association “Espoir pour un enfant” installed a 60m2 spirulina

Association Amadea

In 2007 a production centre was set up on the site of the Amadea Association

« Les Enfants du Soleil »

A spirulina production pond (30m2) was installed in 2006 at the “Enfants du Soleil” Association

EcoParc Rangaina

We launched a programme to start a production centre with diversified agriculture around spirulina in

Nutrition House

 Founded in March 2009 the Nutrition House has a triple objective : 1. To hand

Gerard Galus Farm – Ibity

The Ibity Farm is the first project that was launched in the surroundings of Antsirabé

Mandray Farm

The Farm started its operations in 20009 under the leadership of the Rotary Club of