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Kandal - Cambodia

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Kickoff date : November 2011

Objective(s) : 500 m² and 750 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 10

Budget : 60.000 €

Recipients : 2.500 children/year

Financial self-reliance of the programme : in progress

Location : Kandal

Funding : Région Ile de France, Talents et Partage (Société Générale), Ineo, Fondation Albatros (via PSE) et Fondation Antenna Technologies.

The project consists in setting up a farm with spirulina production ponds covering 500 m2. Mr and Mrs Sarin together with AgriCam (Cambodian NGO of AgriSud) are our stakeholders.

We deliver theoretical and practical training to the local operational team, as well as ensure the follow-up and necessary support until the farm is fully self-reliant

What we’re achieving in 2014

  • Launch of the second phase of the project: construction of a 200 m2 pond before the rainy season starts (Summer 2014) and achievement of the 750 kg target of produced spirulina 
  • Pursuit of partnership development with local NGOs, such as “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant” (PSE). This partnership facilitates the access to spirulina of 1,200 children and 300 women from very poor families living around Phnom Penh.

1st semester 2014

300 m2 operational ponds have achieved 253 kg of produced spirulina at the end of June. The productivity level was very satisfactory at the beginning of the year. The production was handed on to Antenna Cambodia, which is in charge of distributing the spirulina for free or selling it. The marketing authorisation obtained in January will encourage local NGOs to include spirulina in their nutrition programmes. In parallel composition analyses showed that the spirulina produced by Antenna in Cambodia is non-toxic.

Looking back on 2013

  • Skill transfer: The Sarin family masters the spirulina growing technique
  • 222 kg of spirulina were produced with 200 m2 ponds until October and with 300 m2 over the two last months
  • Number of jobs created: 3
  • Awareness-raising sessions, including a presentation of the communication material and the packaging were organised by the farm and in the nearby villages.

Looking back on 2012

  • Construction of 3 circular ponds, including their respective blankets
  • Construction of a building (office, laboratory, storage of raw materials and finished products, packaging)
  • Construction of a water tower and set-up of the necessary equipment for production
  • In march, our Technical Director, Vincent Guigon, supported the local team in adapting the new agitation systems and in conceiving blankets for the ponds.
  • In April the sowing from a strain of Siem Reap (Paracas type) started.
  • In May, 2 ponds were operational and the harvest started.
  • The produced spirulina was analysed by the French laboratory AQMC, which conducted microbiological analyses and heavy metal analyses. The results were entirely satisfactory.
  • 165 kg of spirulina were produced in 2012 and 2/3 were distributed for the purpose of humanitarian aid, especially to the association PSE.


Looking back on 2011

  • A partnership agreement was signed between Antenna, Agri-Cam and Mrs Sarin regarding the set-up of production, the property of the installations and the set-up of a sales-support system
  • Analyses of the water available to the farm were conducted (detection of heavy metals).
  • Recruitment of a local training officer, who will train the the Sarin family and other actors involved in building the spirulina farm and especially in the production and management of the farm – this training officer will also serve as a liaison officer between Antenna and Mrs Sarin
  • In October and November, following a call for tender, the company CSA was chosen for the first phase of the building works. This phase covered building 3 circular ponds, the laboratory, ensuring closure, as well as access to water and electricity
  • Works started on December 19th 2011

Distribution network

The Distribution Network for the spirulina produced in the two farms in Kandal and Siem

Siem Reap

First project that we launched in Cambodia : a farm of 600m2 run by the