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Kimali Distribution - NGO Mali

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Kickoff date : July 2014

Budget : July – December 2014 : 5.000 €

Recipients : 1.000 children/year

Partner(s) : Kimali Association

Location : V District of Bamako and Moribabougou (15 km du centre de Bamako).

Funding : To be found

This initiative aims to meet the nutritional needs of specific areas covered by the Kimali distribution network, namely the local district V of Bamako and Moribabougou

The tasks to be completed are :

  • Distributing part of the spirulina output produced by the CPM Farm project to the local residents of the area.
  • Developing campaigns to raise awareness about how nutrition can be improved :
    • Spirulina will be handed out at meeting sessions with the mothers accompanying their children for vac ination.
    • Cooking classes to learn spirulina-based recipes
    • Training the medical staff at health centres, as well as the shift workers and the associations about spirulina as a cure (in cases of malnutrition, malaria, HIV and anemia), but also as a preventive solution.
    • Planning second-hand sales of spirulina
    • Designing teaching materials

1st semester of 2014

75 kg of spirulina have been provided for by the CPM Farm’s operations. Considering the events that occurred from January to March, merely 11 kg were sent. Noting went in April, as for May and June, 63kg could be dispatched to the affected areas.
From January to March most of the production i.e. 12kg of spirulina was sold for a social distribution purpose nearby. In May and June, 31kg were sold at market price, and 37 kg were handed out for nutritional purposes. Approximately 370 children benefited from the spirulina.

Mopti Farm

This spirulina production programme is mainly meant for children suffering from Noma (face leprosy).

CPM Farm

The farm's operations started in May 2011 at the "Centre de Formation Professionnelle des Salésiens"