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A way for destitute women to take charge of their future

The first goal is to help destitute women, living in great precarious conditions to develop an income-generating activity.

These women are often alone, abandoned by their husbands. They are extremely poor, have several children to take care of, no stable employment…
They are often ignored by traditional banks and cannot access bank loans with a low interest rate.
Some are able to borrow from local moneylenders, whom they often cannot pay back, because of the very high interest rates. And the tragedy starts… They end up stuck in a vicious circle of debt, and desperation becomes even greater.
Yet they are particularly determined to find a way out. They want their children to be better fed, to be decently dressed and above all for them to go to school.

We have just started a microcredit programme in Madagascar. The first tests are very encouraging, because not only can the women start up small lucrative businesses, but they are also able to reimburse their loans easily. A test is currently being undertaken on the mothers of the children following a treatment at the Nutrition House. A virtuous circle takes place, where the children being well fed and in good health are able to attend school and follow classes. Thanks to their mothers’ regular income, the children no longer need to scatter through waste landfills to find something to eat.
Several activities have seen the day this way: sale of wood charcoal to cook food, sale of vegetables, sale of noodle dishes, sale of second-hand clothes, sale of spirulina yogurts etc.
Doum has been employed by Antenna Technologies Antsirabé to follow the loan cases and help the deserving women make their businesses progress.