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The Foundation

equipeAntenna Technologies Foundation

“Research for progress”

Antenna Technologies was founded as an association in 1989 in Geneva by Denis von der Weid and became a public benefit foundation in 2009.

Our Vision:

  • Scientific innovation is the key to eradicating extreme poverty.

Our mission:

  • To conduct and promote the research and spread of technologies, that are adapted to the essential needs of the most destitute and that fulfil two conditions: They enable skill transfer and are sustainable in the developing countries, where they are applied


  • What we believe in: The “Jugaad Spirit”, in other words, alternative ways to help fight extreme poverty
  • What drives us: the constructive sharing of know-how between North and South
  • What motivates us: the impact of our work thanks to our professionalism

The Foundation Board:

President: Yves BURRUS
Secretary: Hélène SANLAVILLE
Treasurer: Peter STOCKER

The Charter of the Antenna Foundation

The Antenna Technologies Foundation is active in 6 fields:


nutritionnutritionLocal cultivation and dissemination of spirulina, a microalgae with exceptional nutritional value, offer a solution to malnutrition.

The Foundation supervises programmes in India, where a major programme “Bringing 1 million children in India out of malnutrition 2013-2020” is currently under way with Child Fund India, Ambuja Cement Foundation and the Roquette group.

The programmes conducted in other countries are under Antenna France responsibility.

For more information, please see our memo on Nutrition

Drinking water

water_icoThe WATA device and the WATASOL approach (awareness-raising, technical training and creation of an economic model) offer a local solution for producing sodium hypochlorite for safe water treatment and disinfection. The WATASOL programmes currently exist in over fifteen countries in partnership with several Ministries of Health (Guinea, Burkina Faso…), schools (in Bolivia, Haïti…) and with social entrepreneurs.

fondation wata

For more information, please see our memo on Drinking water


agri_icoLocal production of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides helps small-scale farmers and strengthens local food security. The launch of “ELEPHANT Vert” in Morocco and Mali allows bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides to be produced by recovering local agricultural waste. In Mali a programme of family gardens with micro-irrigation systems is currently undergoing a test phase.

fondation-elephant vert

For more information, please see our memo on Agriculture


energy_icoAntenna has developed a powerful and affordable solar lighting kit, called OOLUX, for homes without electricity. The kit includes a smart battery with two USB outputs, a solar panel, two LED lamps, and accessories such as a charger for mobile phones. Thanks to its innovative micro-financing system, acquiring an OOLUX kit becomes affordable. Thorough testing on the field is currently being undertaken in Bangladesh, India, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.


For more information, please see our memo on Energy


med_icoOur medical research projects promote the use of traditional and natural methods together with the involvement of local communities (for ex. “Argemone Mexicana”, is very efficient to heal simple malaria and the technique of sublingual sugar, which is an effective life-saving solution for patients suffering from severe malaria.)

For more information, please see our memo on Medicines


credit_icoMicrocredit helps to create income-generating activities and to acquire technologies, as well as to break the vicious circles of debt with local moneylenders in developing countries. We currently supervise microcredit programmes in India, which support thousands of women and projects in the fields of nutrition, education and financing.

For more information, please see our memo on Microcredit