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Nutrition House - NGO Madagascar

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Kickoff date : march 2009

Number of jobs created : 2

Budget : 9 850 €

Partner(s) : Antenna Technologies Antsirabé

Location : Antsirabé (Ambohimena district)

 Founded in March 2009 the Nutrition House has a triple objective :

1. To hand out every day a balanced and varied meal completed with spirulina to the children
2. To raise awareness among the mothers of these children on the necessary nutritional intake, and to show them how to put together varied meals at a low cost
3. To raise awareness among children on elementary hygiene

Since its beginnings, and until the end of 2013 :

  • 54,000 meals were served.
  • 2 jobs were created : Tolotra heads the center, and Patricia cooks the daily meals.
What we're achieving in 2014

  • The actions of the Nutrition House are pursued on groups of 30 children during 6 months.
  • Socio-educative action is conducted among young children. The gathering of children within the Nutrition House over a rather long period of time is beneficial to the development of their education. Furthermore the material put to the children’s use should broaden their horizons and increase their chances of benefitting from a better education.
  • Training is a crucial factor to breaking the following vicious circle: “no training leads to no job« , which means no resources. This constitutes real food for thought, because if feeding the children is definitely vital, what future awaits them if they cannot go to school due to insufficient means?
  • Water is another major way to contribute to better health. The Nutrition House could play an essential role in raising awareness to this question and to organise distribution by using the technical means offered by the Antenna Foundation.

Looking back on 2013

  • 16,200 improved and balanced meals have been served for free to 230 children.
  • In October 2013, the Nutrition House moved to Ambohimena
  • The decision is taken to extend the length of treatments to 6 months.
  • From October on, priority was given to children between the age of 2 and 6 yers given the importance of a balanced diet in the first years of life. For this reason the number of children welcomed was brought down to 30, as more attention and follow-up is eeded for this age group.
  • A number of other children (around 2,500 children) came to the Nutrition House to receive their daily spirulina intake without a meal.
  • A more thorough medical follow-up of the children was organised thanks to the assistance of the local doctor, Dr Vohangy. Where needed, basic medical relief was carried out for the most destitute.
  • The mothers were made aware of the consequences of malnutrition, the effects of spirulina and the importance of hygiene. Economic topics were also discussed.

Looking back on 2012

  • Since March 2012 the Nutrition House welcomed 50 children instead of 30, previously. These children received a daily balanced meal completed with spirulina twice a year for a period of 6 weeks at a time.
  • More than 17,000 free meals and 54kg of spirulina were handed out.
  • The children were weighed and measured at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the treatment. This allowed us to undertake a complete follow-up and to measure the results of our action


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