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Loumbila Farm - Burkina Faso

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Kickoff date : 2003

Objective(s) : 450m2 and 500/600 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 5

Financial self-reliance of the programme : self reliant

Location : Loumbila

The Missionary workers started growing spirulina in 2000 on their site of the Saint Theresa Orphanage in Loumbila (15km North of Ouagadougou). This small-scale spirulina production allowed them to provide a nutrition complement to the children of the town.
In 2003, the congregation approached ATF with an expansion project, which took place in two phases: First, the existing ponds were renovated and then, new ones were set up.

The farm extends over an area of 450m2 and achieved its optimal output production rhythm as early as 2005. It is today perfectly self-reliant technically and financially.

The produced spirulina, which amounts to 500kg and 600kg/year, is handed out in priority to children from the orphanage, to health clinics, to nutrition rehabilitation centres and to associations helping people having to cope with HIV. Cf. Potential of Spirulina Platensis as a Nutritional Supplement in Malnourished HIV-Infected Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa : A Randomised, Single-Blind Study

The spirulina is also sold to pharmacies in Ouagadougou, as well as in shops selling therapeutic products.
The farm employs 3 permanent staff and 2 to 3 temporary workers, as well as one security guard.

Gondologo Farm

The farm was launched in 2004 by the Swiss-Burkinabe Association “Bilifou-Bilifou” with handles the farm’s