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Nouakchott Farm - Mauritania

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Kickoff date : March 2009

Objective(s) : 375 m² (before the floods) and 400 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 3

Budget : 58.000 €

Recipients : 1.300 children/year

Partner(s) : Santé sans Frontières

Location : Nouakchott

Funding : SCAC de l’Ambassade de France, SIKA et Antenna

What we're achieving in 2014

  • A mission of SSF in Mali is scheduled for March 2014 in order to retrieve a new spirulina stem. It will be the opportunity for the head of operations to complete his training.
  • Resuming operations is thus conceivable from May 2014 onwards.
  • A new ATF backing mission shall be organised upon request from SSF.

First Semester of 2014

In March 2014, repairing of the ponds was finalised, following the floods in August 2013. As planned, a new spirulina stem was retrieved in Bamako (Mali). This was a good opportunity for both teams to discuss their spirulina experiences with one another.

In June 2014, the rehabilitation of the technical installations after the floods has yet to be completed. Therefore, there is no spirulina production planned for the first semester of 2014.

Looking back on 2013

The production at the beginning of the year did not reach the expected targets. As requested by SSF, a mission conducted by Antenna Tehnologies was undertaken on the field, in order to guarantee  :

  • The additional necessary training of the operations team
  • The renovation of certain technical facilities/equipment
  • 100% utilisation of the available production area
  • The production of May and June thus met the targets ranging from 20kg to 30kg per month. 

However, in August 2013, the farm suffered from catastrophic flooding that swamped all the spirulina ponds and deteriorated parts of the infrastructure. The outcomes of this positive dynamic were ruined. The site needed to be entirely rebuilt prior to resuming production in December 2013.
The spirulina was then essentially distributed for anti-malnutrition purposes, i.e. 110kg that were granted to World Vision to be handed out to children in two reception offices in Nouakchott. As a result, more than 1200 children could benefit from this distribution.

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Looking back on 2012

The annual production output is merely 113kg as 250m2 of spirulina ponds were already cultivated until September. Only 125m2 were used between October and December. Technical issues regarding water stirring arose and there were a few difficulties in adapting the offer to the demand.
The spirulina is mainly distributed to fight malnutrition.
155kg were donated to World Vision (that organises the sponsorship of abandoned children) for distribution to children from one of the 6 centres, which this NGO is responsible for in Nouakchott (districts of El Mina and Arafat 1). 790 children welcomed in these centres benefitted from this distribution. 8kg were handed out for free in two communal day care centres in Sebka (an underprivileged district of Nouakchott).