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Gondologo Farm - Burkina Faso

Kickoff date : 2004

Objective(s) : 400 m2 and 600 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 4

Recipients : 2.500 children/year

Financial self-reliance of the programme : self reliant

Partner(s) : Bilifou-Bilifou

Location : Ouahigouya

The Swiss-Burkinabe Association “Bilifou-Bilifou started the Gondologo Farm in Ouahigouya (190km North of Ouagadougou) in 2004. It handles the farm’s management and operations, while ATF brings along its technical expertise.

Today the farm functions very well but is not yet fully financially self-reliant. Having chosen to dedicate a very large part of its production output (40%-50%) to humanitarian relief aid, the farm continues to be supported by the Swiss Board of the Association.

100m2 were added in 2012, extending the farm’s surface to 400m2
The annual production increases on a regular basis, amounting to 600kg in 2013.

The beneficiaries of this programme are the children treated by the health clinics and by the local hospital’s nutrition rehabilitation centre.

Loumbila Farm

First programme launched by ATF in 2003 with the Missionary Workers. The farm is fully