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Objective(s) : 500m2 and 900 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 7

Recipients : 6.700 children/year children/year

Location : Bangui

What we're achieving in 2014

Here is some information about the first semester of 2014 :

  • The context remains difficult and despite the situation, Jean Denis was able to produce 125kg of spirulina with only 183m2 out of the usual 500m2 pond area. A large part of the output has been dedicated to social distribution in the neighbourhood (30kg) and to distribution for nutritional purposes (50kg).
  • Congratulations to Jean Denis and his team for fighting back and pursuing the effort !
  • It must be noted that currently distribution takes place more among adults than children. The reason lies with the conflict. Other NGOs are increasingly on the field and donate PlumpyNut to the children. However, the association “Coeurs Charitables”, which buys spirulina from Kenose- Antenna distributes it for free to the children. Parents come flowing, as they save money this way!
  • As a complement to producing spirulina, Kenose Antenna planted 20,000 feet worth of Moringa*, which grows 75kg of leaves every month. The distribution of moringa leaves crushed into powder will take place as soon as the packaging has been approved for commercialisation !

    *To learn more about moringa

Looking back on 2013

  • Despite the difficult context, 870kg of spirulina were harvested, among which 77% were distributed. A big thumbs up to all the team for their great work !
  • Close to 7,000 children received spirulina.
  • A message from Jean Denis to our readers: “220m2 of spirulina ponds are available for operations. 380m2 have been dried out due to an insufficient water supply in these difficult times of unrest. The Muslim fighters plundered the lab. They took everything with them except for the old filtration cloths that were left behind. We make do with them to carry out the harvest.”


Kenose-Antenna via Jean Denis plays an essential role among the disadvantaged population around Bangui. Upon

 » Cœurs Charitables » Association

Under the lead of its President, Bertrand Attongobo, the association “Coeurs Charitables” has been distributing

Begoua Nutrition House

Kenose-Antenna aimed at reinforcing its actions in the fight against malnutrition and started the activities