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Gerard Galus Farm – Ibity - NGO Madagascar

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Kickoff date : 2005

Objective(s) : 330 m² and 350 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 4

Financial self-reliance of the programme : in progress

Partner(s) : Nutrispir-Antenna

Location : Ibity (20km from Antsirabé)



  • Earlier this year, LafargeHolcim as part of its CSR policy is strongly committed alongside ATA and most ofthe new ATA Board of Directors consists of employees LafargeHolcim.
  • Without regular investments for maintenance and after 10 years of operations, the Gérard Galus farm required significant work to make it a model farm with improved productivity.
  • Rehabilitation of ponds that are sheltered under greenhouses to improve productivity.
  • Laboratory rehabilitation 
  • New dryer, rehabilitation of the electrical system and installing new water wheels.
  • In March, an organization to Trail Ibity with the support of the association NAOXIM helped raise just over € 6,000.
  • In July recruiting a new team (1 responsible for production and 2 producers) and training in the farm supported by Esperanza Joie des Enfants.
  • 12 kg of spirulina harvested 12/31/15.
  • Part of the production is given to the House of Nutrition for cures of 6 weeks.

since 2013

Although, the farm is technically and financially self-reliant, we have news to share with you : In the 1st semester of 2014, the 330m2 of the Ibity site produced 181kg of spirulina, which represents a productivity rate of 3.1g/m2/day. Contractually 20% of this output goes to the Nutrition House, which is managed by Antenna Technologies Antsirabé.
This farm, originally directly managed by ATA has been since 2013 under the management of the Nutrispir-Antenna association, founded by Christian RANDRIANASOLE, former Operations Director at ATA.

  • Production is perfectly monitored. 328kg of spirulina were produced in 2013.
  • Sufficient outlets were found both for social and commercial distribution
  • 20% of production goes to Antenna Technologies Antsirabé to provide spirulina to the Nutrition House and other associations in Antsirabé.

This farm is now fully self-reliant technically and financially.

1st semester 2014

All the ponds are operational, covering a total surface of 330m2. The production this semester amounted to 181 kg, bringing the productivity rate up to 3.1g/m2/day. 20% of the production, i.e. 36kg, has been donated to the Nutrition House. The spirulina is then handed out for free to the malnourished children of Antsirabé. Currently 4 permanent staff work on the farm.

Looking back on 2012

  • The funding provided by the Orange Foundation allowed for the renovation of the farm site, which started in March 2012 and was completed in April 2012. Translucent and rigid sheet plates are used from now on to cover up the ponds. They should be more resistant to frequent adverse weather conditions in the area around Mount Ibity.
  • The reseeding started in May and operations were progressively set up until October 2012 when the 330m2 of equipment could finally be utilised.
  • During the reseeding period Ibity received the support of a specialised engineer sent on mission from France.
  • From July to December, Ibity produced 95.7kg of spirulina.
  • 4 people are employed on site.
  • The humanitarian donations of spirulina over the year amounted to 82.6kg, which covers the needs of a little more than 800 children.

Looking back on 2011

  • After 6 years of good results with 330 m2 of spirulina production area, 2011 was a difficult year for 2 reasons:
    • A cyclone destroyed all the site’s tarps and with them, all the output.
    • The farm’s main client did not purchase the initially planned spirulina amounts. This client’s purchases were delayed to 2012.
  • The site’s activity was stopped at the end of August 2011.


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