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Bujumbura Farm - Burundi

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Kickoff date : As soon as we have 50 % of the budget

Objective(s) : 500 m² and 900 kg of spirulina per year

Number of jobs created : 5-7

Budget : 74.000 €

Recipients : 3.000 children/year

Partner(s) : Burundisol - Luc Byamungu

Location : Gatumba - Bujumbura

what we're achieving in 2014

  • In January 2014 the project application is finalised and we start seeking unding opportunities.
  • The investment budget amounts to 74,000€ and we are aiming to obtain at least 50% of the budget to start implementing the project.
  • In August 2014 the building works of the five 100 m² spirulina ponds are planned to start.
  • In December 2014 the staff is to be trained and the farm to officially start its operations
  • A social and sales distribution network is set up (nutrition awareness actions are conducted and a promotion and marketing campaign is organised)

Some latest news on the project :

  • Mid-July: At this point, we are still missing 50% of the funding to start the operations in August… For the time being, the works have been delayed to September and even later if necessary.
  • Denis Lavenant from the Solibu association will be on the field in September to buy a piece of land that had previously been identified by Vincent Guigon, our Technical Director, when he was on a field mission
  • The spirulina distribution networks have been successfully tested in the field thanks to spirulina originating from Laos and capsules imported from Burkina Faso (Ouahigouya).

For more information, please see our project summary (in French) téléchargez la fiche projet

looking back on 2013

  • The project started in February 2013 with a signed agreement between ATF and the Solibu association. Solibu is a French association based in the French town Clermont-Ferrand, whose aim is to help small groups of disadvantaged people in Burundi become increasingly self-reliant by deploying development, training and education actions. The association supports a spirulina production project in Burundi since 2007. The historical partner of Solibu in the field is Burundisol, a Burundian association based in Bujumbura.
  • From March to June 2013 we completed a market study on spirulina in Burundi.
  • In October 2013: Our Technical Director, Vincent Guigon, went on an exploratory field mission to Burundi.
  • In December 2013, the launch of the project was decided.