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EcoParc Rangaina - NGO Madagascar

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Objective(s) : 350m2 and 440 kg of spirulina per year

Financial self-reliance of the programme : self reliant

We launched a programme to start a production centre with diversified agriculture around spirulina in Rangaina, a small village located 10km from the capital, Antananarivo.
The centre revolves around :

  • Growing : 350m2 of production area with an annual output target of 440kg of spirulina per year
  • Growing moringa over a 70 feet crop space
  • Vegetable farming : tomatoes, potatoes and carrots

Building works started mid 2010 and the spirulina production progressively took off from Mai 2011 on. Only 55kg were produced in 2011.

Bacteriological analyses were conducted, which confirmed the good quality of the spirulina.
The main beneficiaries of the spirulina donations are the 40 children of the Malagasy association “Tantely”. A staff member of the association supervises the distribution.

The sale of spirulina relies mainly on Doctor Fezini, who launched the Catholic “Antanimena” Health Clinic in Tana. She prescribes spirulina during patient visits. Furthermore Doctor Fezini hosts a TV show every Sunday on the national channel called “Health and spirulina”. This strongly contributes to raising awareness about spirulina.

The farm became self-reliant at the end of May 2012, one year after benefiting from our support for its operations as had been contractually agreed. However, the farm runs on average with only 100m2-150m2 of pond surface. The necessary building works could not be completed due to insufficient funding.

120kg of spirulina were produced in 2013 utilising an average of 100 m2 surface.

Since the beginning of 2014 the farm has been running 250m2 of production area for an average output of 25kg. 


Zazakely is an association located in the very poor district of Mahazina in Antsirabé. It

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Association Amadea

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« Les Enfants du Soleil »

A spirulina production pond (30m2) was installed in 2006 at the “Enfants du Soleil” Association

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