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Location : Bangui

Under the lead of its President, Bertrand Attongobo, the association “Coeurs Charitables” has been distributing spirulina for free since 2005. The mothers travel kilometres to come to the Coeurs Charitables Centre. “Based on these 4 to 5 years of experience we can proudly say out loud that spirulina is definitely one of the solutions to treat medical problems.”, writes Bertrand.
The “Coeurs Charitables” association approached Kenose-Antenna in 2008, in order to set up its own spirulina crops. The association wanted to run a pond area of 80m2 for its own purpose on Kenose-Antenna’s grounds in collaboration with them.
• Coeurs Charitables disposes of a Community Health Centre where 5 medical professionals are active: one doctor, one State-qualified nurse, one medical assistant and two first-aiders.
• Confronted with growing malnutrition in CAR and the mothers’ lack of nutritional education and information, Coeurs Charitables decided to pursue the adjustments in the centre by dedicating a service focused on nutrition and the training of mothers in this regard.
40 to 60 children together with their mums are welcomed each month. The children and mums receive a rice and spirulina-based meal and in addition, when possible, proteins such as sardines.

PK13 Farm

The PK13 Farm has been running for 15 years now and until the recent instability


Kenose-Antenna via Jean Denis plays an essential role among the disadvantaged population around Bangui. Upon

Begoua Nutrition House

Kenose-Antenna aimed at reinforcing its actions in the fight against malnutrition and started the activities