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Kenose-Antenna via Jean Denis plays an essential role among the disadvantaged population around Bangui. Upon their request, he started two new activities : Artemesia annua and Moringa. A piece of land of 2ha was bought with funds from the Antenna Foundation.

  • Artemesia annua seeds were planted. The leaves of this plant contain an active substance (artemisinine), which helps fight effectively against malaria (37% of CAR’s total population and 32% of children are affected by malaria in CAR). The plant can be easily grown and made available at an extremely modest cost in the form of capsules or simply mixed with food.
  • Moringa crops were set up. Moringa leaves have a very high nutritional value (quite close to spirulina). Moringa is also called “The plan, which never dies”, as it can grow on rich soil, as well as on poor soil. It is a type of plant, which is hardly affected by adverse weather conditions such as drought.
  • The objectives of the programme are as follow :
    • A yearly distribution of moringa to 1,800 children
    • 14,000 children (or 7000 adults) will benefit each year from an Artemisia-based treatment (with 90,000 plants)
    • 8 jobs will be created
    • Revenues will be generated to fund the Begoua Nutrition House.

PK13 Farm

The PK13 Farm has been running for 15 years now and until the recent instability

 » Cœurs Charitables » Association

Under the lead of its President, Bertrand Attongobo, the association “Coeurs Charitables” has been distributing

Begoua Nutrition House

Kenose-Antenna aimed at reinforcing its actions in the fight against malnutrition and started the activities