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Capital: Lomé

Human Development Index: 0,459 - 159 out of 187

Under five-year-old children suffering from underweight: 25 %

Under five-year-old children suffering from stunting: 22 %

Population: 6.600.000 inhabitants

Life expectancy: 57,5 years

Under-five mortality: 96 ‰

Poverty rate: 58,3 %

Source : UNICEF - UNDP - World Bank






Since 2004 Tona AGBEKO, representative of ECO SPIRULINE, grows spirulina. Once he knew how to fully manage the production process and having to face the growing demand for spirulina, Tona approached Antenna France in 2010 to launch a farm project of 500m2, as well as a Nutrition Centre (CENA)

Spirulina-based products are currently being developed. 

Our Projects


A Study and Nutrition Centre (CENA) was set up in Agou Nyogbo, in order to raise awareness about the nutritional

Agou Nyogbo Farm

In 2010 a 500m2 farm was set up in the city of Agou Nyogbo.