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Capital: Niamey

Human Development Index: 0.304 - 186 out of 187

Under five-year-old children suffering from underweight: 40 %

Under five-year-old children suffering from stunting: 40 %

Population: 17.100.000 inhabitants

Life expectancy: 58 years

Under-five mortality: 114 ‰

Poverty rate: 48.2 %

Source : UNICEF - UNDP - World Bank





 Partner : Tarbiyya Tatali
 Mahamadou Saidou


In 2007 Antenna France launched a spirulina production programme in the town of Dogondoutchi. The team is now fully self-reliant and is in full control of the production process.

Antenna France supports the local team from afar, as the ongoing climate of instability of the country since 2010 impedes the field work Antenna France could undertake.

The nutritional situation of the country is still worrisome, but the government seems to be taking things in hand with the implementation at the end of 2011 of its national “3 N” programme (Nigerians feed Nigerians).


Our Projects

Dogondoutchi Farm

Launched in 2007, this project is now fully self-reliant and close to 3,000 children are this year’s beneficiaries.