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Capital: Nouakchott

Human Development Index: 0,467- 155 out of 187

Under five-year-old children suffering from underweight: 32 %

Under five-year-old children suffering from stunting: 35 %

Population: 3.500.000 inhabitants

Life expectancy: 58,9 years

Under-five mortality: 84 ‰

Poverty rate: 42 %

Source : UNICEF - UNDP - World Bank

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 Partner : Doctor Ly CIRE
 “Santé Sans Frontières”

The set-up of Antenna Technologies France’s inaugural project began in March 2009.

It is an estate (holding) of 375m2 in size, located in Nouakchott (district of Sebkha), supported by the Mauritanian organisation “Santé sans Frontières” (SSF – Health without Borders) led by Doctor Ly Ciré.

World Vision is in charge of most of the distribution management via its reception centres.

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