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Capital: Bamako

Human Development Index: 0,344 - 182 out of 187

Under five-year-old children suffering from underweight: 33 %

Under five-year-old children suffering from stunting: 38 %

Population: 15.800.000 inhabitants

Life expectancy: 51,9 years

Under-five mortality: 128 ‰

Poverty rate: 43,6 %

Source : UNICEF-UNDP-World Bank


Partners : Centre du Père Michel (CPM), Association Antenna Mali and Éléphant Vert Mali

Antenna France has been active in Mali since 2005.
Despite a certain number of difficulties, the Mopti project, which was launched in 2007 by the association “Au fil de la Vie” and funded by the SCAC of the French Embassy is still running.

In 2010, in order to successfully launch the Moribabougou farm, Antenna France partnered with the “Centre de Formation Professionnelle des Salésiens” of Bamako, the “Centre Père Michel” (CPM) and “Formation sans Frontières” (FSF), a Malian association, which carries out professional training and helps people to land a job. This project stands out, as it brings together spirulina production, fruit and vegetable farming, greenhouse farming, beekeeping and spirulina-based products

Our Projects

Mopti Farm

This spirulina production programme is mainly meant for children suffering from Noma (face leprosy).

Kimali Distribution

A spirulina distribution programme is carried out in the surroundings of Kimali : the V District of Bamako and Moribabougou.

CPM Farm

The farm's operations started in May 2011 at the "Centre de Formation Professionnelle des Salésiens" CPM of Bamako (a