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Capital: Vientiane

Human Development Index: 0,543 - 138th out of 187

Under five-year-old children suffering from underweight: 40 %

Under five-year-old children suffering from stunting: 42 %

Population: 6.400.000 inhabitants

Life expectancy: 67,8 years

Under-five mortality: 72 ‰

Poverty rate: 27,6 %

Source : UNICEF UNDP World Bank




  Partner : Maï Savanh Lao
  Doctor Philippe SCHMIDT

The organic farm for silk and tea of Mai Savanh Lao (M.S.L.) is situated south of Laos on the foothills of the Bolovens’ plateau in the Sekong province, one of the most affected provinces by malnutrition. Following Pascal Godon’s visit in November 2010, Antenna France approached Doctor Philippe Schmidt to start a programme to grow and distribute spirulina. Building works for the first spirulina pond started in 2011. 

Our Projects

Sekong Farm

End of 2010, ATF contacted Doctor Philippe Schmidt in order to develop a programme in the south of Laos.