A new volunteer mission in Ethiopia

Arnault de Torquat joined the team of Antenna earlier this year to study the feasibility of a project in Ethiopia following a request from the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia.

Arnault graduated from Sciences Po Paris and Higher Studies in Public Law from the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas. He made his business career as a banker in Anglo-Saxon banks (Citibank, Bankers Trust, Salomon Brothers and Barclays Capital) in London, Zurich, Paris and Sydney. He is also associated with an English manager specializing in financing SMEs. He is a member of the competitiveness cluster “Innovation Finance” under the tutelage of the French Ministry of Finance.

After several months of emails, skype … with Ethiopians and contacts with the help of Crama Trouillot du Boys of the Endowment Fund, Impala Avenir (partner on our Uganda project), a project of GO / NO GO instruction was presented to the Operations Committee of Antenna France mid March and it was decided to continue with an exploratory mission on the ground.

This mission was led by Arnault and Diane in the second half of July and we’ll talk soon!